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Creating drug & Alcohol Free Community Dance Gatherings for University of Colorado Students

Our ‘mission’ at The Center for Transformative Movement is to inspire people in our community to understand and EXPERIENCE FOR THEMSELVES, the ability expressive movement and dance has to help people de-stress, energize and rejuvenate themselves. We do that by offering classes, workshops, research and events that bring people together around substantive, FUN and transformative activities.

The Center for Transformative Movement – Who we Are…

It is our experience that most people have a part of them that wants and actually craves more creative expression, whatever that might look like in their own life. We are all on a spectrum in the desire for this type of expressive outlet and all can have the opportunity to stretch to our creative edges, no matter where we fall on the spectrum of that expression.

Why Group Dances are Important

Our events are for anyone with an openness to explore, experience and nurture the playful part of themselves. We have seen repeatedly that once people have the opportunity to dance in a friendly and welcoming group setting where there are no steps to follow and no teacher leading, they begin effortlessly feeling more connected with themselves, to others and to something larger – a fun, new inviting community.

They become lit up, happy and able to feel more possibilities in areas of their lives that might have felt closed off or non-existent previously; a likable self-image, their relationships, renewed life direction and increased confidence in connecting with all of these important areas of their lives.

Thus, we have designed all of our program offerings – whether they be an hour long class, a research study or a series of movement events out in the community – to bring our participants:

From: Rushed, Overworked, and Stressed
To: Renewed, Energized and Psyched for the rest of their Day!

Our intention is always to plant a seed in people about the restorative, rejuvenating and FUN ways dance can easily become a part of a their own life – whether they are inspired to take a Zumba class once a week, join an ecstatic dance circle, or are moved to dance spontaneously to Guns&Roses, Prince or Alicia Keys on their iPhone in their kitchen or in front of their bathroom mirror!

Additionally, we have found that:

• People seem to be wanting to come together in a new way, through movement, music and community

• That this type of movement is called different names by different people – freeform, ecstatic dance, ‘the kind I do at a wedding or out at a club’

• What all the names for this type of dance have in common is that there are no steps to learn and no teacher to follow

• And that ‘You can’t get it wrong’, and ‘Your way is the right way!’

With our activities, careers and relationships becoming increasingly more rushed and formulated, freeform/ecstatic group dance gatherings provide a much needed creative and expressive outlet for us all. Moreover, with our increasing dependence on electronics, this type of creative and expressive release provides people with an alternative – a mini vacation – from the cerebral, linear worlds most people have come to feel as ‘normal.’

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