Good Mood Wellness

Good Mood Wellness is all about helping people to feel good!

We accomplish this through expanding awareness about Freeform/Ecstatic Dance, which, backed by evidence-based research, is increasingly recognized as a new and effective wellness modality with benefits similar to mindfulness practices and yoga. Good Mood Wellness offers classes and programs, publishes academic articles and develops community-wide events with organizations such as University of Colorado and City of Boulder, bringing, what we call Movement Meditation into the mainstream. We refer to this whole-body workout as ‘The New Yoga’ with its similar effects of energizing body, refreshing mind and elevating spirit!


We are a team of dance enthusiasts

We are passionate dancers, life explorers, curious individuals – on an inner and outer journey, who take PLAY very seriously! We approach work, play and everything between with curiosity, rigor and experimentation, using what we discover, to create meaningful experiences and support people in feeling good about themselves, others and in their connect with a higher purpose. Our preferred method of journeying being the power of Freeform / Ecstatic Dance in a method we call Movement Meditation.

Lisa Fasullo M.A. - M.S.
Lisa Fasullo M.A. - M.S.Founder
Lisa has her master’s degrees in both Health Education and Social Work from Columbia University, and is the Founder and Director for the Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) in Boulder, Colorado. CTM is a hub for greater awareness of the transformative power of Somatic Movement, Freeform and Ecstatic Dance. Through research, outreach, workshops, classes and professional training, the center’s mission is to support the creation of pathways for Somatic Movement, and specifically, Freeform and Ecstatic Dance to have greater accessibility in communities as a more widely practiced Health and Wellness modality.

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