University Dances – University of Colorado Students.

Through Introducing Freeform/Ecstatic Group Dance Gatherings on a university-wide level, we will touch the hearts and minds of many students at CU. The free-of-charge, drug and alcohol-free dance events would benefit students by providing for them 3 main benefits:

  1. A Break from our Fast-Paced, Increasingly Technological and Linear Lifestyles

It is easy to relate to the fact that there has come to be a commonly-held societal feeling of overwhelm in our overly-full schedules and a somewhat decreased capacity to handle the increasing responsibilities and demands of our fast-paced lifestyles.  Even simply the naming of this societally-felt overwhelm as a reality can help young people recognize that they are not alone in this feeling.

  1. A refreshing alternative to group environments designed around drug and alcohol use

We have also found out that people seem to be wanting to be part of fun and stimulating events where there is no pressure to get drunk or high in order to enjoy themselves and where the environment is welcoming and conducive to helping students feel open to meeting new friends with like-minded interests while sharing in substantive, fun types of activities. These event are substance-free because we believe movement is the best natural remedy to encourage an open and friendly atmosphere.

  1. A reason tocome together ABOUT something meaningful, instead of AGAINST something unwanted

Now more than ever, with the state of our current political climate, many young people share with us their feelings of fear and confusion about the direction of our ‘disposable’ culture.

Moreover, students are wanting to become more involved in programs directed at providing solutions for different social issues including health and wellness, nature preservation, and having their voices heard politically in our community and beyond, yet many times, lack the wherewithal or direction of how to engage in this area.

We have found that once people begin to dance and feel more connected to both themselves, others and to a fun new positive and welcoming community, what usually follows is that they almost automatically feel lit up and see more possibilities for their own lives as well as are more open to joining up with the proactive groups and missions who are always looking for new eager members willing to lend their experience and enthusiasm to their cause.

UNIVERSITY DANCES – Something for everyone

University Dance (working name) would be all about bringing dance out into the community where the students are!  The gatherings would provide a safe, open, public, centrally-located and easily-accessible environment for students to connect with each other, make new friends, dance, feel safe and feel encouraged to share and express themselves in the school they call home for 4 years!

Participants who have danced with us at our events share with us how easy it can be to connect with new friends simply sitting next to each other during the event, or perhaps catching eyes gliding by someone who might become a new friend on the dance floor.  This person-to-person friendliness can be a refreshing alternative to the isolation many of us can feel even having hundreds of ‘friends’ on our social media outlets.

As with all of our events, we always make sure that our fun and stimulating gatherings also have an adjoined comfortable seating area where people can hang out and absorb the positive energy of the event without feeling like a an outsider or ‘wallflower’.  In this way, there is something for everyone.

UNIVERSITY DANCES – Becoming a Part of the Team!

It is a primary goal of ours at The Center for Transformative Movement, to produce events where we welcome people with a passion in the area of movement, music and developing community and who are wanting to become involved somehow, onto our team.

We offer different ways to help people step into leadership positions which light them up by providing them with volunteer opportunities where they connect, learn and are mentored around the basic mechanics of event management, providing them with feelings of satisfaction in contributing to the success of the event and team they are a part of.

We love being an inspiration for these types of projects; using tried and generating excitement in the air to bring people together around substantive, FUN and transformative activities.

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