Reconnecting to the feminine: Transformative effects of Sensual Movement and Dance

This research fulfills the need for the beginnings of research on a topic often considered either fluffy, inappropriate or ‘taboo’ in both academia and American culture. Learning this intuitive style of movement has shown to be markedly instrumental in creating noticeable, consistent and lasting changes in different parts of women’s lives including career, motherhood, self-image and relationships. Moreover, it provides women with the ability to diffuse, decrease and neutralize negative, fearful or confusing societal charges around their sense of themselves as women.
Study participants reported feeling empowered having acquired an effective, simple and most importantly, restorative way of re-connecting with what can commonly be an easily-overlooked, yet essential and vital part of themselves. This ineffable essence within all women (and men) can often go unrecognized and feel buried or non-existent in the fast-paced, increasingly technological lifestyles that have become the norm in ‘modern’ times. Findings from the pilot study concluded that leaning methodologies of Sensual Movement, and in the process, activating and reconnecting with this part of themselves, resulted in women feeling more confident, sensual and alive – what participants described as their ‘ best selves’. Conclusive indications being that re-uniting with, and living harmoniously and effortlessly alongside of their sensual selves amidst daily routine and busyness is an attitude most women love to feel…. and what true wellness is all about.


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