Freeform / Ecstatic Dance… for Wellness

University of Colorado Recreation Center

Discover and unleash your full potential – on the dance floor and in all areas of your life – through Freeform Movement / Ecstatic Dance; a fusion of moving meditation, soul-enlivening music and creative self-expression in a welcoming, friendly community with a complete “go with the flow” attitude.

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Lisa Fasullo
Lisa FasulloCTM Founder & Director
Lisa has her master’s degrees in both Health Education and Social Work from Columbia University, and is the Founder and Director for the Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) in Boulder, Colorado. CTM is a hub for greater awareness of the transformative power of Somatic Movement, Freeform and Ecstatic Dance. Through research, outreach, workshops, classes and professional training, the center’s mission is to support the creation of pathways for Somatic Movement, and specifically, Freeform and Ecstatic Dance to have greater accessibility in communities as a more widely practiced Health and Wellness modality.

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