The 18 Wonderful Ways Music Affects The Brain

“It doesn’t take much scientific proof to know that music can simply make you feel good.”

By Jean Gabriel –

I Was Skeptical About Ecstatic Dance

Maybe it was something about the phrase “free-form movement in a judgment-free space.”

By Ellie Shechet – New York Times

What Is Ecstatic Dance

…and can it improve your health?

By Anna Medaris Miller – U.S.News

Dance-Form Your Self

The Transformative Power of Dance

MeetUp – By Lisa Fasullo

The Ecstatic Mind

La Mente Estatica

Vol. 91 pp 1022 – 1025

Theatre & The Meaning of Ecstasy

The Journal of Wild Culture

By Richard Squires

The healing Practice of Ecstatic Dance

Elephant Journal

By Ian Faulkner

Silent Disco for Fitness and Wellness

Hush Concerts

Silent Discos Let You Dance to Your Own Beat

New York Times

By Courtney Rubin

Dancing and the Brain

Harvard Medical School – Neurobiology Dep.

Scott Edwards

The Sound of Silence

The Score

By Mike Rubin

Dancing can change the way you think

Peter Lovatt

By Yan Tucker – The Guardian


Lisa Fasullo Videos Interviews

Kitchen Table Conversation with Cindy Morris and Lisa Fasullo

Climbtalk Show – Radio 1190 – P1
Lisa, Dani, Preston & Bruno Hache

Climbtalk Show – Radio 1190 – P2
Lisa, Dani, Preston & Bruno Hache

Climbtalk Show – Radio 1190 – P3
Lisa, Dani, Preston & Bruno Hache


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