Re-introducing Feeling Good as important… and essential to wellbeing.

Ecstatic Groove™ = Movement Meditation

Expanding awareness about Freeform Dance
as a whole-body, bio/psycho/social/spiritual practice
– a fun, easy health choice that can be done
anywhere, anytime, alone or with others!

Providing opportunities for people to connect with
themselves, others and the world around them…
and offering experiences for them to feel good through dance

One person, one dance floor, one community at a time.


What is this? Why is it important?

ECSTATIC GROOVE™, an effective form of Movement Meditation, is part of a growing and larger wellness trend with evidence-based body of research of its benefits known to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, similar to sitting meditation practices, martial arts & yoga.

Moving this way on a regular basis, is a simple, effective and fun method of self-care, that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

A beneficial lifestyle and wellness practice
that is currently appearing in
workplaces, senior homes, schools –
creating instant community.


  • Introducing the idea of self-care as effortless and fun
  • Providing a feel good therapeutic lifestyle tool/practice
  • Reframing Mental Illness into Mental Wellness, reducing associated stigmas


Bringing dance back to the Daylight… both online and in person!

The Good Mood Wellness mission is bringing dance back into the public realm…to where the people are. We recognize that elevating our state of consciousness and, in turn feeling elevated, is a very important, yet overlooked part of being human with proven, yet until recently, unrecognized health benefits.


Introducing Freeform Dance as an energing self-care therapeutic tool you can do anywhere, anytime, alone or with others disguised as FUN!

An effortless way of connecting with, and accessing our inner sense of FEELING GOOD is by moving our bodies freely to music, what is referred to as “dancing,” our ECSTATIC GROOVE dance methods, will help guide you to move this way on a regular basis – allowing you to

In one hour, go…

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