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Dance With a Doc

What is it?

Dance with a Doc! is an exciting new dance program that is part of Walk with a Doc! – a well-known, national and internationally expanding walking and wellness program for everyone interested in taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Dance with a Doc! will bring together people in the Boulder community and health professionals who care want to spread the word of the health benefits of Freeform/Ecstatic Dance on a regular basis to:

receive the latest health and wellness information directly from medical doctors and other health professionals about the transformative benefits, the effectiveness, and the FUN of Freeform Dance as part of a fitness-oriented lifestyle
Meet new friends and feel connected
Look forward to an ongoing and scheduled time to connect with existing friends
Have something to do that is social, easily-accessible, free-of-charge and where people can stay for 20 minutes or the entire time. Accommodating for a busy lifestyle

Dance with a Doc! follows on the heels of the success of one of the Center for Transformative Movement’s (CTM) and Boulder’s largest community-wide dance event series – Bandshell Boogie. This annual 7-week outdoor summer series, in partnership with the City of Boulder, is a highly visible the desire that people have to come together, connect and feel good – community building at its best!

Similar to Dance with a Doc! DWAD, Bandshell Boogie provides a public, easily-accessible and centrally-located space where people can connect with each other! 2018 saw record numbers of people – 300+ – attending every Monday evening!

Dance with a Doc! is a direct result of CTM’s response to the outpouring of increased demand for Freeform Dance within our community – Dance with a Doc! will be providing this fun and inviting wellness modality all year round!

CTM has organized and continued to expand Bandshell Boogie for 3 consecutive years
Dance with a Doc! continues to fulfill CTM’s commitment to engaging people and creating awareness for the health and wellness benefits of dance.

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