Center for Transformative Movement


We introduce Movement & Dance as a lifestyle practice.

The Center for Transformative Movement, we create programming in the Somatic Art of Freeform and Ecstatic Dance. Through our partnerships, we develop and curate experiences through Movement, Dance, and Music – and in doing so, we foster Community.
We raise awareness of the wellness benefits and ability of Freeform / Ecstatic Dance to:





which create subtle, yet profound shifts in us: Physiologically, Cognitively, Emotionally, Socially

And… what we consider most important of all, moving our bodies freely to music influences ad begins to shape us in ways that are sometimes difficult to put into words… – Elevating, uplifting and even sometimes ecstatically taking us on an inner relaxing, FUN and energizing journey we call Movement Mediation.

Programs that we create are designed to:

  • Introduce Movement & Dance as a lifestyle practice with benefits similar to Martial arts, Mindfulness and Yoga
  • Associate and reinforce Freeform Dance as something easy to do that makes you feel good and helps you release stress
  • Addresses the importance of mental wellness in a natural and normalized way – through the power of Freeform Dance!
  • Provide education and raise awareness of the evidence-based benefits of Freeform Dance – offered free-of-charge and easily accessible to all in the community
  • Support UN and World Health Organization calls to recognize the fundamental importance of mental wellbeing to general optimized health and wellness

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